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1 Foot Luxury Designer Cat Bed (9" High)
Best Cat Bed

$ 98.00 $ 140.00

Does your cat step on the delete key while you work? Our Luxury Designer Cat Bed is the perfect solution. Kitty can curl up in cozy faux fur just inches away while you work. Our designer cat bed can be placed anywhere your cat loves to the fireplace, a window, or even in the kitchen! >^..^< Meow!

"Diamond loves his cat bed. We keep it next to my computer, which allows me to work with him off my keyboard and lap! We are quite happy with it... he is on there now. It gives him a 'perch' without taking up more floor space, and keeps him close enough to pet. Like some of your cats you show in your images, he is a larger breed (a ragdoll), and it is nice to have a bed that is large enough to keep him comfortable! Thank you again for making a great functional and aesthetic product!"  Jenn, Auburn, NY

Welcome! If you are looking for the very best cat furniture trees, sturdy cat furniture, elegant cat condos, or unique cat beds look no more. We take pride in offering the very best high end cat furniture trees available on the market today.  All of our designer cat trees and cat beds are handcrafted and custom made by us in Fort Collins, Colorado, and given the love and attention only the creators can give. Our elegant, luxury faux furs and tan and black polyrope posts are not only beautiful, but amazingly shred-proof, which means your custom, designer cat tree will remain looking beautiful for many many years.

Our Customers: "I am truly amazed at the quality and workmanship of the material. To say this is the "Rolls Royce" of cat furniture would be an understatement..." More customers

Fur Selections: Click here to view our luxury faux furs. The furs are all man-made and shred-proof. We provide a special comb that you can use to comb the cat hair out of the fur... so much easier than vacuuming off your cat furniture. Models on our products page are made with our man-made Wolf Fur. Specify fur selection in the box provided in the shopping cart.

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Height: 9"
Base: 12"x14"
Cat Bed: 18"x13"
1 Painted Wood Post

* The cozy cat bed helps pets feel secure
* Durable, shred-proof fur is guaranteed to last
* Pet hair easily cleans off with a brush (provided)
* Comforting, familiar bed to bring along to a kennel
* Staples & toxic glues are never used
* Looks great in living rooms, dining rooms, & bedrooms
* You won't have to hide it in a back room as it ages.