Frequently Asked Questions about our Cat Furniture Trees

Q: Why do you use faux fur? It looks so pretty but my cats would destroy it in a few days.
A: Our faux fur cat furniture lasts far longer than carpeted cat trees and stays looking great. Most cats try to scratch the fur at first but cannot get their claws into it because we glue the fur to the wood. After a few days they stop scratching the fur and just scratch the posts. The two pictures below are of one of our customer's ten year old cat tree. She recently sent us these pics while ordering more cat furniture. Perfect for hairless Sphynx cats that need to stay warm!


Q: My cat likes sisal rope. Why do you only offer Polyrope?
A: Cats love our polyrope and it makes a nice sound when they scratch it.  PolyRope lasts much longer than sisal and you will not have to vacuum up shredded sisal rope off of the floor.

Q: How can I know if my cats will like a Tunnel or Bungalow or Tree House?
A: If your cat likes to hide in boxes they will probably like to play and sleep in our tunnels and houses. If you try to put your cat in a box and they jump right out, they might not use a tunnel or house. Our white kitty in the pic below would not go in tunnels or bungalows but our other kitty loved them! Tunnels are great for cats that like to play peek-a-boo together and bungalows are helpful for feeling safe from an aggressively "playful" kitty-sibling. NOTE: In very hot weather cats often do not go inside bungalows or tree houses unless you have air conditioning.

Q: The plants are cute but aren’t they destroyed by cats within a few days?
A: Most cats do not damage them and some like to hide behind them, but there are certain more wild breeds of cats that will destroy them. We use silk plants that are safer for your cats just in case they do chew on them.

Q: I have large cats that weigh 20 pounds. Is your furniture appropriate for larger cats?
A: Two of our cats weigh about 20 pounds so they are our official cat testers. Our one Maine Coon Mutt loves to jump up 3 feet from the floor onto his favorite bed and the tree always remains stable. If your cat is over 20 pounds please contact us before ordering.

Q: Why do you make your cat furniture modular rather than one solid piece?
A: We originally designed our cat furniture to be modular so people could order replacement pieces over time, but we only had 1 replacement since 2005. There are many benefits to modular cat trees:
1. The beds and tunnel can be rotated so you can arrange your cat tree to fit your space.
2. Our cat furniture trees fit great in corners by simply rotating the pieces.
3.  Place beds on the posts off centered, and cats can run up the posts and onto the beds.
4.  As your cats age make adjustments so they easily jump from bed to bed.
5. Shipping costs are much less since we can ship your cat tree furniture in a smaller box.
6. Easy assembly with one simple tool (included).
7. Tighten posts and beds tight during assembly and your cat tree will be one solid piece with no movable parts.

Q: I have bought cat trees that tip easily. Is your furniture going to tip when my cats jump up?
A: We build our cat furniture to be very stable and sturdy and we use extra heavy bases on the models that might otherwise be top heavy.

Q: I want to buy your 5 foot Colorado Cat Tree, but I'm afraid our younger cat will chase our older cat off. What should I do?
A: If you have a cat that is picking on the others, or if you bought a kitten to keep your older cat company, you might consider getting separate cat trees rather than one large one (such as two 4 Ft Glenwoods below). Many customers have found this to be the perfect solution. In the photo below the older cat on the left has a 4 Ft Senior Glenwood with a landing at every foot.


Q: One of my cats is getting older and soon might not be able to jump up 2 Ft. Any suggestions? 
A: If needed, you can later purchase a 1 Ft Post/Landing to attach to the front of the base so your cat can step up to the top beds. Our 17 Year old cat was still jumping up 2 feet and climbing posts until a month before she passed. We feel our cat furniture gave her the exercise she needed to stay in shape as she aged.

Q: Can the fur be removed to wash?
A: The fur is glued to the wood to prevent cats from shredding it and cannot be removed. Cat vomit is best cleaned by picking up as much as you can with a paper towel. Then remove the rest with a damp towel. Another option is to let it dry and then vacuum. You can also further clean it with a spray bottle with water and an organic soap or Anti Icky Poo, which is environmentally and cat safe and uses live bacteria to eat organic matter such as urine and vomit.

Q: How can I teach my cat to scratch on their new cat furniture and leave my couches alone?
A: We suggest temporarily putting their new cat tree near your couches and to a fun location, such as the center of the living room or a favorite window. Reward your cat when you see them scratching on the posts. Two of our cats run to the posts and scratch if we are walking by because we tell them “You are such a good kitty” and give them a little back massage as they are scratching the posts. One of our cats climbs halfway up the tall post, hangs there, and tips his head upside down to see if we are watching. Love our kitties!

Q: Why does it take two weeks or more for a cat tree to ship?
A: Each order is custom made with the faux fur of your choice. We try to keep a large stock of cut and sanded wood ready for making orders, but we often have to wait until paint or glue is dry before we can continue with an order. During our busy season (October-March), we may take up to a month to complete orders.

Q: How is your furniture different than Pet Store Brands?
A: We choose to handcraft all of our cat furniture in our home-based workshop rather than have it manufactured in China. We use high quality faux fur, non toxic materials that are safe for your cat, and screws so there will never be nails or staples coming loose. Our cat trees retain their beauty for many years so you won’t have to hide it in a back room as it ages. Our customers often tell us our cat furniture still looks new years later and they eventually replace all of their old cat trees with our cat furniture trees.