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Veterinarian Tested...

“I have your beautiful cat furniture tree at my cat clinic in each exam room. My own kitties love your cat furniture I have at home. Your unique cat trees are perfect for scratching, and I urge my clients to get one before considering declawing. I think they're great & beautiful and they still look like new years later.”  Dr Corinne Thomas, DVM, Loveland, CO  

"Your cat furniture is the best!  It definitely holds up to lots of use.  And it's very attractive - not something you'd be embarrassed to have company see!  It's stylish, sturdy, and easy to clean and maintain.  I definitely recommend it to all my cat clients." Dr. Brenda McClelland, DVM


"We like how the fur on our Steamboat cat tree is almost indestructible. We have Oriental Shorthairs and they have long claws and they have yet to scratch out the rope and fur. We also like how you can rotate the shelves." FOUR YEARS LATER: " The boys manage to snooze and swing on the cat far it's Still Not Scratched Out, and by the way, the cats are long lean scratching machines! " Doc Allen Cahill, DVM & Diane Swabby-Cahill, PhD, Oriental Shorthair Breeders Thai-Di Cattery

Breeder Tested...

"I have the beautiful mink cat furniture tree in the room where I show kittens. The new kittens JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE the unit! I've had so many people inquiring about it and I explain how the shelf and bed can rotate." Bengal & Savannah Breeder Terry Vickers


"The girls love the luxury cat furniture tree. There are usually two or three sleeping on it at all times. We put it in the girls room as fur is for girls! And my grandchildren love to clean it with the fancy comb you provided." Maine Coon Breeders, Carol & Bob Hayes Thunderpoz Cattery


"The cats LOVE their cat tree - especially the fur. They've never seen anything like it! They play on it all the time and truly love the furniture you build! It's pretty enough that it went into our living room with my leather furniture and looks great. Thanks bunches." Sphynx (Hairless) Breeders, Cari and Wayne Krauter,










 Perfect for hairless Sphynx cats that need to stay warm...


"The Breckenridge cat furniture with tunnel & tree house came on Tuesday. We love it!! My husband put it together, and it looks beautiful and all the kitties just love it. Thanks for making such a beautiful piece of furniture for cats! It looks very elegant in our great room." Persian & Himalayan Breeder, Ana, CO

Happy Customers...

"Dear Laura..............  I very rarely write any kind of testimonial.....if ever. But I just needed to share with folk who view your website that I am absolutely astounded at the Copper Mountain cat furniture that I purchased. It is, without question, the best on the market. Oh yes, there are some good items out there from other sources. But nothing like yours - absolutely nothing!
 It was extremely easy to assemble and I am truly amazed at the quality and workmanship of the material. To say this is the "Rolls Royce" of cat furniture would be an understatement. I know some individuals may be  initially taken back by some of  the prices... But I strongly and sincerely state  that should not make anyone hesitant from any kind of purchase. My choice was worth every single cent I spent... and each of my five feline friends are having the time of their life!  Thanks so much for this incredibly awesome product!! Wow!!!!"  Rev. Father Frank Mann, Saint Sebastian Church, Woodside, New York

"This kitty condo is amazing - beautifully crafted. Exquisite. It blends beautifully with the room decor, which is an advantage of choosing your own custom coverings. Easily assembled and looks as good as it does in the picture. Kitty is already scratching on the posts. I am thoroughly satisfied and would recommend this product without hesitation."  3 YEARS LATER: "The cat condo looks as good now as it did three years ago! The brush you sent is invaluable as our ragdoll boys shed a lot. Glad business is good for you, as we are big fans!" Jill, Okemos, MI

"My new Cat Condo is incredibly beautiful and incredibly well build/sturdy. It is literally the most gorgeous, luxurious piece of cat furniture I have ever seen. Dealing with Laura was such a pleasure and she customized everything that I wanted. Highly, highly recommend this top notch shop!!"  Jeannie, Foster City, CA



"Our kitten, Teddy Bear, thinks that his luxury cat furniture is terrific.  He spends a lot of time sleeping in the tunnel or sleeping on the very top cat perch.  I often see him scratch the post with his claws.  He loves the hanging plants and we have also hung some of his other cat toys from it and he has a terrific time with them.  My daughter's cat, Gizmo, came for a play date yesterday (he is five) and he enjoyed it as well.  Thank you so much for making such a terrific cat condo."   Susan G, NYC


 "Just wanted to let you know our custom cat tree arrived safely and on time and was easy to put together, a process the kitties enjoyed  as much as the finished product. Many thanks!"
1 MONTH LATER:  "The kitties are loving their cat tree and so am I!" Sharon, Rio Rancho, NM


"Our kitties LOVE their new incredible cat tree. From the moment we set it up they have not been able to stay away from it... The quality and attention to detail you guys put into making these beautiful cat trees is not only a breath of fresh air, but very appreciated... We've owned a ton of cat trees throughout the years, but this one just BLOWS the others away. We will NEVER buy another cat tree from anywhere else.
We are delighted!! Chuck & Stacey, CA



"Mr. Peabody is enjoying his new pad!  I love it because it is a beautiful piece of cat furniture and the cat no longer sleeps on our furniture...We are extremely pleased!" 2 years later: "It's the best cat furniture tree we've ever owned and it still looks new!"
Cheers, Mr. Peabody, Lillian & Harold, Laramie, WY



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